Frequently Asked Questions


QWho is behind AnyHedge?

AThe open source protocol and libraries were originally created by General Protocols.

QIs AnyHedge legal?

AAnyHedge is an open source protocol that can be used by anyone. It is up to each user, exchange and OTC desk to be in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

QWhy is AnyHedge open source?

AWe want to maximize adoption and utility on a global scale with as many implementations, services and use cases as possible.


QWhat blockchain is this built on?

AAnyHedge is built on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain.

QWhy not build on the Ethereum blockchain?

AThe Ethereum blockchain has a lot of innovation and opportunity for growth. The Bitcoin Cash blockchain has a similar level of innovation and opportunity with a UTXO model and other unique properties that make it the best fit for AnyHedge. There is much more detail in the AnyHedge whitepaper.

QWhy is the UTXO model important?

AUTXO-based blockchains have advantages in reducing systemic risk and giving users the option to participate in anonymous markets or to choose their counterparties. There is much more detail in the AnyHedge whitepaper.


QWhy would I use the API?

AThe API makes AnyHedge easy to use and cheap to implement with no up front costs. Additionally, when you use the API, you will have first access to market-leading technology as the AnyHedge family of protocols grows.

QDo I need to use your API?

ANo. AnyHedge is an open source protocol that can be used by anyone. We provide open source libraries and tools you can use to build your own vision.

QIs AnyHedge free?

AThe protocol and libraries are open source and free for anyone to use. When you use the API provided by General Protocols to create and manage contracts, each contract will have a small fee built into it.

Get Started

QHow can I add AnyHedge to my exchange?

AContact us so that we can collaborate on an integration, or just download the public libraries and use them with a contract and management service of your choice.

QHow can this help my OTC desk?

AAnyHedge is ideal for OTC. You can automate trades in a private social media or web setting. You can ensure exactly your KYC/AML requirements and arrange trades either between your clients or between your client and yourself as liquidity provider. The sky is the limit when it comes to flexibility.

QI'm a developer, where do I start?

ACheck out the usage examples and library documentation on GitLab.