If it has a price feed, you can take a position.

Alice thinks the US Dollar may take a dive within the next 2 quarters. Bob believes the market has underestimated the value of gold during an extended financial crisis. From anywhere in the world and without access to the assets, Alice and Bob can agree with their counterparties on a price oracle and take those positions with an AnyHedge smart contract. Whether they work peer-to-peer, through an exchange or through an OTC desk, they still get the advantages of AnyHedge.


Bitcoin Cash flavored DeFi.

By building AnyHedge on a UTXO-based blockchain, each contract is fully independent from top to bottom - limiting systemic risk, increasing flexibility, increasing privacy, and making contract upgrades trivial.


KYC is completely optional depending on your needs.

If you are running a billion dollar OTC desk you will need to keep careful records of your clients' trades. In other markets, privacy may be critical.

AnyHedge is a completely unbiased protocol and you decide whom you trade with.

AnyHedge simulation

If you want more details, feel free to enter some numbers and drag the slider to see contract outcomes for the cases you are interested in.

Long output BCH
Short output BCH

Third party audit of mathematical soundness.

We take the reliability of our protocols very seriously, so we had a third party do a mathematical analysis of the AnyHedge protocol.

Read the results