Decentralized leverage trading on Bitcoin Cash.

AnyHedge allows you to take leveraged long positions or hedge your fiat value. Permissionless, non-custodial, and on-chain.

Want to give it a spin?

AnyHedge is the technology that powers BCH Bull. It lets you take BCH long positions with up to 5x leverage against a variety of assets.

BCH Bull

// Load the AnyHedge library.
const { AnyHedgeManager } =

// Create an instance of the contract manager
// with the authentication token included.
const authToken = '<authentication token>';
const manager = new AnyHedgeManager({ authToken });

Designed for a new breed of developers.

The functional nature of the UTXO model is odd at first. It involves a mental shift for most smart contract developers. But the tradeoffs are invaluable when it comes to performance and scaling.

Get up to speed fast with our JavaScript library, easy-to-read documentation, and complete working example.

AnyHedge for developers  GitLab

For entrepreneurs, a new world of opportunity.

It's astonishing what you can create with AnyHedge and a little imagination. Add on-chain futures to your DEX. Add price stabilization to your merchant register app. Launch a simple gambling app with 10x leverage. All with secure, near-instant, always low fee transactions. Once you grasp the possibilities, the inspiration will come naturally.

AnyHedge for business

5x leverage. Zero confirmation.

BCH Bull is one of the first apps built with AnyHedge. It's super easy to take contract positions—all on-chain. And since it's built on Bitcoin Cash, you don't need to wait on confirmations to start trading.

AnyHedge for traders  BCH Bull