Introducing the next generation of derivatives.

Synthetic derivatives are a powerful tool in the world of decentralized finance. AnyHedge gives you the ability to create new markets with your existing infrastructure.


Instantly take a position on any asset with a price.

We've leveraged the power of smart contracts on Bitcoin Cash to usher in a new era of trustless and non-custodial trading. Think the Japanese yen will rise in relation to BCH? AnyHedge allows you to open a position and find out.

How It Works

Offer unique trading opportunities as a way to grow your exchange.

The traditional finance and cryptocurrency markets are saturated. Capitalizing on the emerging landscape of trustless and non-custodial contracts will give you and your traders an edge. Want to be the center of the next generation of liquidity? AnyHedge may be the answer.

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AnyHedge is available on Detoken: "A trustless, limitless and secure way to access peer-to-peer finance from anywhere in the world."

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