Scalable, non-custodial financial products on Bitcoin Cash.

Modern cryptocurrency users want to do more than just hodl. Build using the AnyHedge libraries, or expand on our open source contracts.

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Launch your first contract in minutes.

With a basic development setup and a few simple steps, anyone can create a p2p AnyHedge contract.

  1. Clone the example repo
  2. Open examples/quickstart.js
  3. Follow the instructions to edit three variables.
  4. run node examples/quickstart.js

After you've run the quickstart, dig into the other examples. You'll find detailed comments and alternate use cases. When you start getting deeper, you'll find the full documentation helpful.

Full documentation

// Request an authentication token
const authenticationToken = await
  manager.requestAuthenticationToken('My name');

// Or with a direct API request
curl -d 'name=My name'

Leverage our public settlement service.

We offer a low-cost, automated settlement service for anyone to use.† You always have the option to create your own oracles and monitoring systems with our open source tools, or you can harness the work we've already done and use that time to build your product.

Start building with AnyHedge

† All users are subject to our Terms of Service.

Discover the power of the UTXO model.

Most of DeFi runs on the account model. Building AnyHedge on a UTXO-based blockchain offers some specific advantages:

  • Vastly more scalable
  • Less system-level risk
  • Privacy by design
  • Contract upgrades are trivial

Of course, sometimes the account model is the better option. We built AnyHedge for when you need the benefits of independent, atomic transactions.

Zapit wallet looks forward to using AnyHedge to provide an uncensorable, non-custodial stability solution to our users. These financial products using the UTXO model can scale with Zapit to an enormous user base at low cost - a critical need for the vast majority of people in the world.


Founder, Zapit Wallet

Frequently Asked Questions


What blockchain is this built on?

AnyHedge is built on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain.

Why not build on the Ethereum blockchain?

The Ethereum blockchain has a lot of innovation and opportunity for growth. The Bitcoin Cash blockchain has a similar level of innovation and opportunity, but is built on the UTXO model instead of the account model. That and other unique properties make it the best fit for AnyHedge. There is much more detail in the AnyHedge whitepaper.

Why is the UTXO model important?

UTXO-based blockchains have advantages over account-based blockchains. First off, they reduce systemic risk. They also give users the option to participate in anonymous markets or to choose their counterparties. There is much more detail in the AnyHedge whitepaper.

Settlement Service

Why would I use the settlement service?

The settlement service makes AnyHedge easy to use and cheap to implement with significantly less up front cost. Additionally, when you use the API, you will have first access to market-leading technology as the AnyHedge family of protocols grows.

Do I need to use your settlement service?

No. AnyHedge is an open source protocol that can be used by anyone. We provide open source libraries and tools you can use to build your own vision.

Is AnyHedge free?

The protocol and libraries are open source and free for anyone to use. The optional settlement service requires a small fee in order to automate a contract.

Get into the nitty-gritty.

Our whitepaper explains everything—the purpose behind AnyHedge, what alternatives exist, and all the detailed explanations you could ask for.

Technical walkthrough  Read the whitepaper