Unique financial products your users will love.

Companies building products like exchanges or wallets can benefit from our open and unique design. But that's justs scratching the surface.

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For currency exchanges, it's a no-brainer.

AnyHedge contracts free the exchanges from custodial risk and therefore lower their operating costs to the price of implementation and maintenance of noncustodial interfaces.

  • OTC Desks
  • Centralized Exchanges
  • Decentralized Exchanges

The uniqueness and utility of AnyHedge itself can also attract volume to an exchange.

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Anyhedge supports a wide range of use cases.

Anyhedge is a versatile, programmable utility that can solve many different problems for many different users:

  • Protect against volatility
  • Trade with leverage
  • Earn yield with Bitcoin Cash
  • Provable backing for stablecoins

Allow your customers to hedge thier holdings. Implement decentralized exchanges. Build whatever type of on-chain trading product you can imagine. AnyHedge adaptability is unmatched.

KYC is optional, but fully supported.

If you need to keep careful records of your clients' trades, you can do that with AnyHedge. If your customers prefer privacy, that works just fine as well.

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Allowing people to permissionlessly lock the value of their Bitcoin Cash to the price of external legacy currencies is an incredibly useful tool for people who don’t want to deal with cryptocurrency price volatility. That’s why I chose to invest in AnyHedge.

Roger Ver

Founder, Bitcoin.com

Frequently Asked Questions


Who is behind AnyHedge?

The open source protocol and libraries were originally created by General Protocols.

Is AnyHedge legal?

AnyHedge is an open source protocol that can be used by anyone. It is up to each user, exchange and OTC desk to be in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Why is AnyHedge open source?

We want to maximize adoption and utility on a global scale with as many implementations, services and use cases as possible.

Getting Started

How can I add AnyHedge to my exchange?

Contact us so that we can collaborate on an integration, or just download the public libraries and use them with a contract and management service of your choice.

How can this help my OTC desk?

AnyHedge is ideal for OTC. You can automate trades in a private social media or web setting. You can ensure exactly your KYC/AML requirements and arrange trades either between your clients or between your client and yourself as liquidity provider. The sky is the limit when it comes to flexibility.

I'm a developer, where do I start?

Check out the usage examples and library documentation on GitLab.