Price Orientation

We expect AnyHedge to debut with USD as the external asset. It may seem counterintuitive that the risk-taking party is a Short betting on the fall of “USD price”, i.e. amount of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) per USD. In popular usage, the price is usually shown as the reverse, and this party can be described instead as a Long betting on the rise of “BCH price”, i.e. USD per BCH. This inversion from popular convention is necessary due to the nature of AnyHedge, where the external asset can be anything and not limited to popular fiat currencies. As all contracts are ultimately settled in BCH, pricing all external assets in BCH is the more consistent approach, and is used throughout this paper.

Third party audit of mathematical soundness.

We take the reliability of our protocols very seriously, so we had a third party do a mathematical analysis of the AnyHedge protocol.

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